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AECENL On-Line Workshops

AECENL is offering workshops on-line!

Once we receive your registration form you will be sent a username and password for your workshop by e-mail - if you have not received your username and password within 2 weeks of mailing your registration form and fee check to make sure it has not been sent to your junk mail folder - then, if still missing, please call (877) 579-3028 to make sure we received your registration! You can log-in using the link in the sidebar to the left or go to our Links section and use the "AECENL On-Line Workshops" link to take you to the log-in page.

You will have 2 weeks from the date you first log-in to a workshop to complete the workshop at your leisure ... you can do it all in one sitting or visit regularly over the 2 week period. When you successfully complete the workshop you will be able to print off a personalized PD certificate!

When registering for AECENL Online workshops, it should be noted that they can only be completed once as PD hours towards certification renewal.

Available Now:

  • Creating a Greener Child Care Setting (3 hours PD)
  • Stress Management (1.5 hours PD)
  • Practitioners and Families Together: Self-Esteem (2.0 hours PD) - in partnership with the CCCF
  • Workshop Facilitation Skills (2.0 hours PD)
  • Children with Special Needs in Family Child Care (2 hours PD)
  • Creativity in Family Child Care (2 hours PD)
  • Guiding Children's Behavior in Family Child Care (2 hours PD)
  • Working with Families in Family Child Care (2 hours PD)
  • Infant Attachment and Relationships in Family Child Care (2 hours PD) *
  • Caring for Infants in Family Child Care (2 hours PD) *
  • Infant Growth & Development (2 hours PD)*
  • Learning Through Play in Family Child Care (2 hours PD)
  • Anxiety in Children (2 hours PD)
  • Children and Literacy in Action (2 hours PD)
  • Physical Activity and Children (2 hours PD)
  • The Importance of Professional Development (2 hours PD)
  • Positively You (2 hours PD)
  • Transitions & Routines(2 hours PD)
  • Diversity in Child Care(2 hours PD)
  • Internet 101(2 hours PD)

New workshops added August 3, 2017

  • Fun with Science(2 hours PD)
  • Mindfulness in Child Care(2 hours PD)
  • Provocations and Documentations(2 hours PD)

* Online Infant Family Child Care Workshops are free for Regulated Family Child Care providers. A photocopy of family child care license or short note from home visitor/child care consultant is required to do the workshop free of charge.


Refresher Course Available Online!

AECENL's Refresher Course for Certification is available online. Completion of the Refresher course allows lapsed certification holders to renew certification without meeting the required extra PD hours for renewal (shorter renewal period may apply) - for details about the Refresher Course call Skye Taylor at 579-3028 (toll-free outside St. John's 877-579-3028) or e-mail