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School Age Orientation Course

The School-Age Child Care Orientation Course (SACCOC) gives an introduction to the care and education of children ages 4 through 12 in a centre-based school-age child care setting. Available in correspondence format (through the mail) and online format. The School-Age orientation course is broken down into 5 sections with an assignment for each:

  • Developing a Program Philosophy
  • Relationships
  • Guiding Behaviour
  • Development of the School-Age Child
  • Program Planning

Each study guide includes assigned readings from the resource book and may include other materials sent with the package. There are self-checks provided for you to assess your own understanding of the assigned readings. The answers to the self-checks are in the back of each study guide.

After you complete each module there is an assignment to be completed and sent to the Registrar for assessment. Upon successful completion of the assignments you will be eligible to receive School-Age classification. Note; You have the option of waiting and sending all 5 assignments together.

The course is offered on a semester-basis, six times per year - Fall A (September through October); Fall B (November through December); Winter A (January through February), Winter B (March through April) and Summer A (May through June); Summer B (July through August).

Contact AECENL for information regarding registration and fees.

If you have accessed the course through an organization other than AECENL please check with AECENL prior to beginning to ensure that your completion certificate will be acceptable for certification purposes.